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About Us are delighted to announce that from 2nd January 2024 we will be taking orders on our new upgraded 65% size Cobras now with opening luggage boots as well as front bonnets. These are designed to carry 2 adults in comfort and will be fitted with dual headrests and 4 point racing seatbelts.

We are taking orders now for the 50% size vehicles with both electric and petrol motors. These are also fully road legal and can carry ideally one adult and one child or are ideal for use on private land or the track. All models can be viewed on our website or

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details or to arrange a viewing on 07736 744508 or 020 84213998

Kind regards
Jonathan Gold


Our Story

The owner of is Jonathan Gold


Jonathan has been trading classic and unique motor vehicles for over 30 years and has an outstanding knowledge of these cars and their capabilities.

He has always had a passion for the Cobra and has owned several, including the original Dax 289 demo model through to a genuine MKIV in fact the only factory produced Automatic in 1985.

The original AC Cobra is a hybrid sports car consisting of a British roadster with an American engine and transmission. In 1961 Carroll Shelby and AC Cars took a dated AC Ace sports car and collaborated to design a body to fit a Ford V-8 engine with a Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed transmission.

The resulting car made history. Designed as a Corvette-killer it was one of the fastest cars available at the time. Their bodies and chassis were produced in the UK and subsequently tuned by Carroll Shelby International Inc in the USA. They became famous as Shelby Cobra and Shelby AC Cobra in the USA and AC Cobra in Europe until 1968, when the Shelby/AC collaboration ended.

Many companies have copied the design of the original but none have created a fully road legal small scale example.

The e-Cobra’s gives you a chance to drive the much loved design with city performance for a fraction of the price and with the added safety of 4×4 drive and extremely low running costs

e-Cobra’s have created two cockpit sizes, a slim body 82cm MK1 to the 95cm MK11 wide body

So when used on the road it will carry 2 adults. Alternatively these amazing vehicles could be solely for track or private land.

e-Cobra’s will be creating limited edition runs including A Full Pink Barbie Version and a Full Le Mans Racing Version.

e-Cobra’s are aware there are companies developing mini cobras which are toys and not fully road legal machines which come with a full V5 Logbook showing them as a PLG

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